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Our brackets are made in the USA out of Heavy Duty 12 gauge American Made steel, almost 1/8” thick. They are not flimsy / bendable metal. * Sold Individually*

Mounting holes sized so they can be easily installed using any 1/2" wood lag screws or thru bolts of your choice.

We also make custom brackets if you don't find exactly what you are looking for, drop us a note and let us know. If you have a sketch include it with your note as well. If you would like to add a design to the brackets, like initials, an animal or something else, let us know and we can create a special order for you.

This bracket is great for not only helping to support your wood projects, but also adding a decorative touch as well. Our brackets are made to order

* Finish Choice - Raw Steel / Bare Metal or Finished in Ultraviolet (UV) resistant - baked on powder coating - rated for outdoor use.
* Made in the USA with American Made Steel
* 12 gauge steel (almost 1/8" Thick)
* Mounting holes sized for 1/2" Lag screws or through bolts.

Bolts/lag screws are not included with our brackets, but color matching lag screws are available.

Other 8" post brackets we offer:

90 Degree Angle Bracket - use where you want to add an inside corner or for strength.
Outside Corner Brackets - bent at a 90 degree angle to fit over post. (Leg holes are offset to avoid hitting any of the other installed bolts!)
Straight Bracket - Great for helping support your wood projects, and adding a decorative touch as well.
Flat T brackets – Add strength to a joint, or adjoin other parts to your design.
Flat L brackets - Flat like the T, but without the additional leg.
X Brackets - Used across multiple pieces to add strength, or for a nice decorative finish.
Octagon Brackets - 45° Internal and 135­° External Angle Brackets
Hexagon Brackets - 60° Internal and 120­° External Angle Brackets

Structural Design Corner Bracket for 8" Post 8x8 Corner Support Bracket Pergola Bracket 8 inch Post Bracket 8 x 8 Corner Bracket - B3D7ZBM7P