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The church of the Madonna del Ghisallo, set in the hills above Lake Como, is part shrine and part cycling museum. The Madonna, the patron of bicyclists, protects them especially when they are riding but also in all the other aspects of their lives. This small handmade piece has images on both sides and is meant to be given to cyclists to remind them of the protection of the Madonna and of the good wishes of those who know them. I designed, carved, and cast the piece myself in lead-free pewter. It comes boxed and with small "booklet" that gives the following history: "This statue makes reference, both on the front and back, to the Madonna del Ghisallo, the patron of cyclists. The Madonna is associated with the protection of cyclists both when they’re riding and when they’re involved in other aspects of their lives. The story: medieval legend says Count Ghisallo was one day traveling near Magreglio in northern Italy when he was chased by robbers; he took refuge behind an image of the Virgin Mary (the apparition later referred to as the Madonna del Ghisallo); and was spared. A shrine at the site later became a spot where cyclists would rest and ask for protection as they rode through the mountains. In 1949, Pope Pius XII proclaimed Our Lady of Ghisallo the patron of cyclists. The site, which was made a part of the Giro di Lombardia and has been featured in the Giro d'Italia, is now part religious shrine and part cycling museum. Services are held each Christmas Eve and on the Feast of All Souls to commemorate cyclists and their sport. On the front of this small handmade statue, a cyclist pedals down hill through the mountains, a tiny image of the shrine above him, tucked in the mountains, a guardian angel, who needs no bicycle, flying high above him. On the back is an image of the Madonna del Ghisallo, set among the mountains, offering protection and guidance to cyclists everywhere. The piece was handmade at In the Company of Saints in Covington, Louisiana."

Patron of Bicyclists: Madonna del Ghisallo; Handmade Pewter Statue - BWUCUMDY9