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  • This is an Authentic Aztec Death Whistle, It Is Fully Hand Crafted, Made From Clay, IT IS NOT 3D PRINTED

  • These Items Are Replicas Of items That Can Be Found In Museums All Over The World.

  • There Could Be Stress Marks Or Small Cracks Made By The Changing Temperatures Our Crafts Are Put To.

  • This Piece Is Hand Painted By Us, You Are Taking A Unique Piece Of Art,, There May Be Slight Variations In The Garigoleo Compared To The Photo.

  • Unique Crafts That Will Make A Great Piece Of Art For Any Place In Your Home Or Office, Bar Room, Living Rooms And Even Outside Decor!!!

  • The face of the Maya/Aztec culture, the death whistle. These clay whistles, flutes, are replicas of ancient sculptures found in Maya and Aztec culture, many found in ancient tombs by archeologists, when they were first found, experts believed they were toys, but later found out most were war artifacts used to scare their enemies away, there is a wide variety of whistles, from the animal shaped, that come in different sizes and shapes and can be used as flutes, skulls that represent the sound of death, or a human scream, and Jaguar heads that make an incredible jaguar roar, or the coyote and wolf that make a howling noise. there is also a skull that makes la llorona scream, also known as "The weeping Woman" la llorona is very famous in Latin American Folklore The instruments are known as “whistles of death” because historians believe they were used to help guide sacrificial victims on their journey to the afterlife, the sacrifice of a human life was the ultimate offering of blood to the gods, and the most important Maya rituals culminated in human sacrifice, becoming a sacrifice in our culture meant the highest honor. most of the time we see death as unbearable or scary, it is only a bridge to the afterlife, and these whistles where used as the road maps to get there. our goal is to keep our culture alive and well preserved in art, a trade that has been handed to my family from past generations, each item is hand crafted by us, there are not two alike, and I can assure that there is not another exact craft. we put a lot of love into each one of our items, we strive to reach perfection even though it is nearly impossible, specially working with clay or ceramic. If there has been any issues with your order please contact us, we will make your shopping experience pleasant.

    Long Skull Death Whistle Large Size Loud Handmade Clay Aztec Replica Death Whistle Black - B4XA6AG82