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  • ✅ HANDCRAFTED miniature keepsake cremation urn. Includes a black velvet storage or gift bag.

  • ✅ DESIGNED designed for sharing a small portion (3 cubic inches / 3 tablespoons) of cremated remains ashes among family members. Can hold human cremains or ash of a pet, a flower petal, earth from a gravesite or a lock of hair. ✅ SCATTERING CEREMONY: Perfect for keeping a small memento after a scattering ceremony. Keep a small amount of remains, sand from a beach, soil from urn burial location, or water from the ocean or river where scattering ceremony took place.

  • ✅ QUALITY you can feel. Each urn is handcrafted by an experienced artisan in India. Made in metal for indoor use, the beautiful finish will not tarnish or fade. Made with a secure lid and a felt bottom to protect your furniture.

  • ✅ BEAUTIFUL MEMENTO: Keep your loved one's memory close at home or office with this durable and affordable one of a kind handcrafted keepsake cremation urn. ✅ SAFE STORAGE: Keepsake urn has a threaded top that seals securely. You can also permanently seal the miniature urn using super glue adhesive.

  • ✅ IMPORTANT: This is a keepsake or token urn that measures just under 3" in height and fits approximately 3 cubic inches. Liliane Collection carries a full line of full size urns on -- THIS IS A SMALL MINIATURE URN THAT FITS A VERY SMALL AMOUNT OF CREMAINS

  • Liliane Memorials
    Keepsake Cremation Urn

    Miniature funeral urn is handcrafted of 100% metal brass or aluminum and finished by hand.
    Keepsake allows you to share the memory of your loved one with relatives and friends.
    Time-honored design offers an elegant resting place for your loved one.
    Attractive keepsake urn will fit well with any decor, particularly at the office or next to a photograph.

    About Liliane Memorial Urns
    Our handcrafting process results in slight variations in color or finish, making each urn a unique work of art.
    Our urns offer a threaded lid that allows you to safely and securely handle or transport the urn.
    A felt-lined bottom is standard on all of our urns to protect your fine furniture.
    Liliane Memorials urns are maintenance free; simply wipe the hand-made brass urn with a clean dry cloth.
    All of our keepsakes come in a black velvet gift/storage bag.
    Our keepsakes have a capacity of 3 cubic inches, and fit a very small amount of remains.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We trust that you will be happy with the quality and design of our products
    If you are not happy with the design you selected, please return your unused urn to for a full credit and select another Liliane Memorial Urn.
    Unfortunately, given the personal nature of funeral urns we cannot accept returns after you have used the urn.

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