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  • Lightweight: Perfect for destination weddings!

  • Durable: These signs can be used over and over for future events (perfect to let a friend borrow or donate after the event)!

  • Handmade: All Sweet Carolina Collective products are handmade and created using long lasting UV Ink in Hubert, North Carolina

  • In Loving Memory Acrylic Wedding Sign with Stand

    Size: 8"x10"
    Material: Acrylic (Not Glass)
    Paint: High Quality IV Ink (NOT VINYL)
    Stand: Clear Acrylic


    Honor your loved ones with a beautiful clear special event or wedding memorial acrylic sign that sits elegantly, wherever you display it. When our loved one’s pass, it can be healing to have a memento, or an in loving memory sign to represent their time in your lives and to honor their memories.

    In Loving Memory Acrylic Wedding Sign with Stand 5X7 Dark Walnut Stand - B6EBGQZOJ