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  • Share your WiFi password without sharing your password!

  • Are your friends or family members constantly ask you for the WiFi password? NOW, you can share your WiFi password without sharing the password. Your friends can easily scan the QR code and connect to your WiFi within seconds, and the best part is that they will never know the password. Make it easy on yourself and everybody else with this elegant sign.

    Would you like to increase the complexity of your WiFi password without going though the pain of remembering the random characters or spell it out for your friends? The QR code will solve that problem.

    It is perfect for your home, business, office, schools or vacation homes (like airbnb). Does your restaurant offer WiFi? Have your clients scan the QR code and they will be connected within seconds.

    All you have to do is send us the SSID, which is the network name, followed by the password. We will generate a QR code and laser engrave it to the sign itself. We will also laser engrave the Network name under the QR code unless specified to leave out.

    The sign measurements are:
    Height: 11-1/4in
    Length: 7-1/4in
    Depth: 1/4in

    You can choose the stain option for the frame, either Charwood or Jacobean stain.
    The design style of your choice, either Shiplap white or Natural wood.

    **Important Info**
    -The SSID "network name" as well as the password are case and space sensitive! So be sure to double check!
    -Wood grain my be different from what is pictured.
    -The edges are dark due to the process of the laser cutting.
    -Each sign is hand finished and sealed with a protective all natural clear finish.
    -Please note that the QR code needs to be scanned only once and the device will store the password and connect automatically when it is near by.
    -Once the password is stored, there are apps that can extract the password from a known network.

    *Turn around time *
    We will have your order ready in 5-6 business days.

    WiFi Sign | QR Code | Wireless Internet Personalized SSID name and password Sign - B59FKV7V6