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Meaning of Marble
For centuries marble is used as a means to reflect stature and accomplishment. When polished to a virtual glass like surface, it flaunts artistry and magnificence. It is the medium desired by master craftsmen for the promise of what it holds. As in the case of the mighty Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and an ultimate symbol of commitment, majesty and of course beauty.

Designs by Marble Crafters Collection
The composition of this collection is a result of two decades of artwork and stone crafting experience combined with an unparalleled standard of manufacturing, customer service, and prompt delivering of orders. Based in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth we are proudly capable of shipping our products anywhere across North and South Americas, Western Europe and the Middle East.

About Us
A crafting trait only passed from one generation to the next, is the skill of master craftsmen at Designs by Marble Crafters. The artifacts offered are the product of such dedication in craftsmanship combined with the vivaciousness of the marble stone in an assortment of colors. These natural stones are dug from the hearts of mountains, river belts, the beds of Arabian Sea, northwest of the Indian Ocean, and the valleys of Himalayas. These hard rocks are turned into finely polished masterpieces in spectrum of bright whites and neutral beige to the darkest browns and jet blacks including several natural mixes and color combinations in between. The shine that becomes the integral part of each artifact is not merely a fancy chemical work, but a lasting glow that is achieved after several rounds of hand sanding that produces a gloss that belongs to the stone itself and does justice to its grandeur for ages to come.

Whirl Green Onyx Wedge Shaped Natural Polished Marble Bookends - B6C88LE5K