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Decorative ITALIAN wooden wine box. 12 bottle original wooden wine crate used to store wine. This wine crate does NOT have a lid and does NOT contain bottle holder inserts. Each box will have (4) printed panel one in every side. You will receive one (1) wine crate per order, Perfect to store wine in your cellar, or to put on display. Can be used for decoration, wedding decor, special event decor, planter box in your garden, gift box, DIY projects, or to add a touch of wine country to your own home. Each Box Varies - Measurements 20.5" x 13.5" x 6 5/8" Condition Notes: These are original wooden wine crates used for wine storage. These are in excellent condition, but have been used to transport and store wine but are in excellent condition.

Vineyard Crates One 1 Decorative ITALY Wine Crate Wooden Box for Wine Storage Wedding Decor DIY Projects Garden Planter Boxes NO Lid NO Storage Inserts 12BtlStd - BJ6QC5KJO