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  • Pattern: Folk painting, Hunminjeongeum - King Sejong and his scholars published the "Hunminjeongeum" which is a document for introducing the newly created alphabet. "Hunminjeongeum" meaning “the proper sounds for instructing the people.” In fact, the "Hunminjeongeum" is Korea’s National Treasure No. 70, and it was registered as part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World in October 1997. A fan that was a symbol of social status and wealth in Korea.

  • Good for cooling off without harming the environment in hot weather. Perfect Gifts: The best gifts for your families, friends. Can be used on any festivals like wedding, dancing party, birthday, new year.

  • Includes: Folding fan, Finger ring, Pouch bag, Gift Packaging Shipment. *the ring is detachable so that it can be used for different items such as key ring.

  • Fold 8.7"(22cm), Width on Use 15.7"(40cm) / Package Size : 9.6"(24.5cm) x 2.7"(7cm) x 1"(2.5cm)

  • Note: Each fan is handmade and thus may look slightly different from photo. The colors of the decoration and the knot can be different. Fan holder is not included. Caution of injury when using the ring of folding fan.

  • DANAMI(elegant & beauty) Korean Traditional Folding Fan & Pouch : Traditional Mask folk painting, Hunminjeongeum Pattern, portable fan with finger rings made of traditional knots. Oriental Handheld Folding Fan

    DANAMI Korean Traditional Folding Fan & Pouch : Portable Fan with Finger Rings of Traditional Knots. Black Fold 8.7 inch22cm Width on Use 15.7 inch40cm - BCDLFHI6I