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  • Triple Sorted: These painting rocks are triple sorted. This means you receive the perfect rocks for painting in every order.

  • Set Includes: 20 Capcouriers White Painting Rocks.

  • Rock Size: These rocks are about 2 to 2.25 inches in length.

  • Triple Sorted: Capcouriers is the only brand that triple sorts their painting rocks. This means you receive the perfect rocks for painting in every order.

    Each set includes 20 rocks of Capcouriers White Painting Rocks. These assorted size and shape rocks range between about 2 - 2.25 inches in length.

    While you can find landscaping stones at department stores, Capcouriers Painting Rocks are far better in smoothness, texture and shape.

    Capcouriers Satisfaction Guarantee: Every order from Capcouriers is backed by our 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your product.

    What You Get Painting Rock Size: Assorted size and shape rocks. Rock sizes do vary but we select these painting rocks to range between about 2 to 2.25 inches in length with a mixture of oval and round shapes with varying thickness. A good size for shorter messages, small writing or symbols.

    About Us
    The Trusted Brand: Capcouriers is the leading brand in the rock painting industry. We are proud to supply the highest quality products on the market, backed by excellent customer service.

    Capcouriers Rocks For Painting 20 Painting Rocks For Rock Painting About 2 2.25 inches - BAV3N44TA