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  • 12 inch bird sound wall clock. According to the reviews, we have update the Bird Names and Songs.

  • You can set up to make sound at AM hours as you want, please follow the instructions.

  • Powered by 3 AA battery, ordinary Carbon Zinc battery, not Alkaline battery.

  • Hooks included with the clock which ensures easy installation.

  • Original Singing Bird Clock includes beautiful songs from twelve of the most recognized Song Birds in British or European-one at the top of each hour.

  • Update information: According to the reviews, we have update the Bird Names and Songs.
    Now the stock we have are the update bird wall clock with new design and change the bird wall clock face.

    12 inch bird sound wall clock with great looking clock face

    Install Instructions:
    1. Do not insert the batteries first.
    2. Turn the hands clockwise to 05:50 by means of the small wheel on the back of the clock.
    3. Insert 3 fresh batteries type "AA"1.5V while observing the polarities (+ and -) indicated and then turn the hands clockwise to the desired time.

    This clock operates on the 24 hour system. Therefore, if after stages 1 and 2 above, you wish to set 18:50, you must turn the hands clockwise through 1 complete hour 13 times. If you only turn once, it will be 06:50 in the morning and not 18:50, you will run the risk of hearing the bird sounds all over the night.

    4. The first bird song is at 06:00 AM and the last at 21:00 PM. The clock remains silent between 21:01 and 05:59.
    5. If you hear the bird song between 21:01 and 05:59, repeat the above steps one by one, starting by removing the 3 batteries.
    6. If the clock stops, runs slow and/or the bird sound going wrong, Please change the batteries and repeat the above steps one by one.
    7. Never touch the small button on the back of the clock next to the loudspeaker as this will throw out the system for turning off the birdsongs. If you have pushed this button, remove the 3 batteries and restart the procedure.

    Belinlen Singing Bird Wall Clock 12 Inch of The Bird Names and Songs - BE6DPUJGN