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  • Free Drawstring Pouch for Protection of your Beautiful fan from dirt. Great Gifts for Women. Small enough to fit in your handbag. Good for summer cool breeze & hot flashes.

  • Beautiful African Fabric folding fan. Strong and durable. Good for summer cool breeze. Ladies fan Made in Ghana. Good for Hot Flashes. Good for Religious and Wedding occasions These handmade fans are produced using an age-old technique and the latest eco-friendly materials, including sustainably grown paper and the smoothest bamboo around. These folding hand fans made from Kente is being made in West African, mostly in Ghana by designers and consultants who are always looking to create new innovative products and brands. They are always searching for the functional and the aesthetic in product creation; and focus much attention on the beauty and affordability, for all the ladies of Africa and beyond, to be able to afford a stylish and necessary accessory. In Africa, they have problems with energy; electricity is scarce and expensive, and most of them can’t afford air conditioners. Fans have been used in Asia for centuries, they are functional, compact and pretty, and these designers wanted to introduce them to our ladies in Africa! These folding hand fans come in different sizes and styles, one of them being the Retro Rhino which happens to be most people’s favorite because of its simplicity. It is specially designed in the colors of the World Design Capital, Cape Town. Ghanaians are known for their artistic talent and innovation. Borrowing from the spirit of Kente cloth, African Print Folding Hand Fans are meticulously crafted from Kente inspired print and real genuine leather. These fans are a great showcase of African Art and at the same time a stylish way to cool yourself off. They make a great accessory to your outfit in church or at a picnic. These vibrant African Print Fans will look great with any outfit and will start conversations wherever you go.

    African TV African Fabric Handmade Folding Fan African Hand-held Folding Fan - BIIA2FBKF